Monday, 13 June 2011


12 june 2011, Taman Sri Keramat, KL
its actually their bertandang reception after their 1st reception at bride's hometown in Johor

sonok tgk pengantin kene julang2...  peace~

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Flam Flo

shoot for Muqlyz Muzamer design- The Flam Flo
featuring Farahana Ibrahim as the model

the shoot was done at 1.30pm arnd putrajaya area and he** it was hot!!! but the model still got her poise goin on.. maintain.. haha.. credit to her~ clap*clap* but still... got a bit 'tan' la at the end of da day.. hahaha

 this first pic makeup lom siap lagi~ sigh* hehe

Pictures are courtesy of Niesa Khairisa Photography and Nycx Photography

Fyda's portfolio shoot

shoot ni kat area Pullman Putrajaya...

Pictures are courtesy of Niesa Khairiesa Photography and Khairulazkar Photography

Talent Outdoor Shoot

outdoor shoot ni bwat kat Titiwangsa for the model's portfolio. Her name is Aaron Fadzell.

this pretty pink dress is made by a young designer, Farahana Ibrahim....

Pictures are courtesy of photographers, Niesa Khairiesa and Farhan Nik Mohamad

Arfah's reception

27th may 2011, Setapak Jaya